For the love of coffee

A fundamental start to great tasting coffee is brewing it in clean coffee making equipment. If you don't regularly clean your equipment, the taste of your coffee will most certainly decline.

Many people could immediately improve the taste of the coffee they're making at home right now by giving their coffee making equipment a thorough clean. 

Do it now - and taste the difference!

Cleaning your coffee gear

"Boring, but vital to keeping your coffee tasting awesome"

Plunger. Chemex. Vac Pot.

If you're brewing coffee by one of these methods, it's as easy as putting your dirty gear through the dishwasher at the end of each day. Take care nothing else in the dishwasher can smash into your delicate gear, as you don't want it to get accidentally broken.

Espresso machine.

Whether at home or in a cafe, a clean espresso machine will make coffee that tastes remarkably better that a dirty one. Yet so many people do not clean their machines, and the coffee that used to taste so sweet slowly becomes hideously bitter.

To assist with your espresso machine cleaning here's three items that you'll need to grab:

1. A small brush to clean the group head's rubber seal and dispersion screen 

2. Some espresso machine cleaning powder such as Urnex Cafiza   

3. A blind filter basket for backflushing

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There are many "how-to" videos on the internet showing you the steps to clean an espresso machine using a technique called Backflushing. For a home machine, backflushing once a day with just water and once a week using cleaning powder will keep things sweet. Some home espresso machines even have an inbuilt cleaning cycle you can run. A more intense cleaning may be possible on espresso machines in which you can disassemble the group head components, allowing you to soak the dispersion screen and block in a very hot solution of cleaning powder and water.

"Even $10,000 worth of coffee equipment is going to make an abominable cup of coffee if it's dirty"

I can not emphasise this point strongly enough: if you keep your coffee brewing equipment clean it will reward you with its best performance, and more importantly the best tasting coffee. If you love coffee, please regularly clean your coffee gear. It's boring, but vital to keeping your coffee tasting awesome.

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