Beautiful bags for beautiful coffee.

We are delighted to introduce you to our beautiful, functional, and environmentally friendly coffee bags that you are going to love receiving your coffee in.

Beautiful Balance.

We've made heaps of decisions when designing and creating our new coffee packaging. Super important was the need to balance keeping your coffee fresh and using a packaging material that is sustainable and recyclable. Our new coffee bags are primarily made from LDPE, which in NZ is recyclable at all locations that accept soft plastics (see link at the bottom of this article). 

Sporting our new logo, and in premium matte black, our new bags have stylish colour highlights to distinguish the blends - a verdigris green for MOMENTUM and an earthy iron oxide red for GRAVITY.

We hope you enjoy receiving your delicious coffee in our beautiful new bags.

6 Great Things About Our Coffee Bags.


They keep your coffee away from the air = no oxidation (no coffee flavours going stale)


They keep your coffee in the dark = no photodegradation (no yummy coffee compounds breaking down in the light)


They have a one-way degassing valve = lets the natural coffee gasses out of the bag, but doesn't let air in


They have a rip zip pull tab that lets you easily open the bag - quick access to those beans, no scissors required!


They have a resealable zip lock strip which lets you easily and quickly reseal the bag once you have opened it


They are designed to stand up on their flat base, so they're easily to store and take up less room

What it means for you.

All of this achieves one single goal - our new coffee bags will keep your coffee fresher for longer. You love Quantum Coffee because you know that is is freshly roasted to order, and shipped out to you without delay. Now it comes in a bag designed to keep it at peak flavour for as long as possible.

"You can enjoy your beautiful coffee at its best flavour for longer, delaying the ravages of time and environment which destroy those delicate flavours that only fresh coffee has"

Soft Plastics Recycling NZ Locations

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